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Week 1 Exeter Panthers Quiz

Week 1 Exeter Panthers Quiz

1) How many teams do Exeter Panthers currently have (including this seasons U16s)?
2) How many goals have the Under 12s scored this season (including cup games)?
3) The current Under 14s won their league last season, how many points did they get?
4) Exeter Panthers Under 16s have played 11 league games this season, how many of those games did they draw?
5) Exeter Panthers Under 6s have a very strong team, but what is their overall team rating?
6) Our training sessions are based on how many phases of play?
7) In league games, how many goals have the U16s, U15s, U14s and U12s scored combined this season?
8) How many sponsors logos feature on our website?
9) How many page likes does our Facebook page have? *
10) How many players do Exeter Panthers have across all age groups? **
11) There’s a picture on Exeter Panthers website our our Chairman, Nick Powers with which famous football manager?

*As page likes increase and decrease, if the number is correct at time of answering you will be awarded 1 point.
**Must be within 10 +/-

11 points wins 5 entries into the raffle.
10 points will with 3 entries into the prize draw.
9 points will with 2 entries.
8 points one entry.

Only players of Exeter Panthers AFC can enter, answers must be received by 8pm on Monday 13th April.
Any received after this will not count.
Answers must be submitted via Facebook messenger or via email

Most answers can be found on our website or FA Fulltime league website