How We Coach

At Exeter Panthers FC we believe in providing a positive learning environment where players are challenged and are allowed to develop technically, tactically, physically and psychologically. Our goal is to not only educate players, but to also let the players have fun. We believe the balance of fun and learning is essential to the development of a player.

Let's not forget that football is a game

Our identity as a club is not only expressed by our pink playing kit, and by the way we play football, but also through our coaching methodology and the relationships we have with our players and their parents.

At Panthers we don’t believe that a session full of instructions and orders from a coach has a positive effect on a player’s development, as they are being commanded rather than coached. Instead we try to allow the players themselves to facilitate and contribute to their own learning. This is achieved through the use of questions and answers during a session, this allows the players to think for themselves and expedite their own learning process, as this is a form of guided discovery. In training we encourage failure and mistakes, as it is a great form of learning, but also to give the players the confidence and belief to try everything without the feel of unnecessary pressure.

Our Development Approach

We want to give all our players the opportunity to be the best that they can be. We know that the development needs of young players change over time. What motivates and benefits a six year-old child is very different from that of a sixteen year-old young adult. Whilst our philosophy remains consistent across the club, its application is varied to suit a continuum of changing needs for the developing player.

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