How We Play

Exeter Panthers Playing Philosophy

Whilst we understand each coach likes to put their own stamp on their teams style of play, Exeter Panthers have created a core playing philosophy which all coaches are encouraged to follow and adapt to suit the needs of their team.

All of our training sessions will be based around our four phases of play.

Phase 1

Initiating the attack

How do we build up.

How does the goalkeeper start our attack.

What does it look like when we have a throw in or a set piece.

Counter attack, quick 1 and 2 touch passes.


Depth (Support).



Improvisation and creativity.

Phase 2

How do we finish the attack

Are we creative.

How do we create chances.

Scoring from crosses.

Dominating in 1v1s.

Headers and volleys.

Phase 3

Out of possession

How do we press. (Goalkeepers role in the press)

Do we press, do we delay.

Delay, deny, dictate.


What do we do when opposing GK has possession.

Phase 4

How do we defend the goal

Emergency defending and goal protection.


Control and Restraint.

Force play.

Recovery run.

Defending - individually, as a unit, as a team.

We aim to coach players to be clever and creative who can make the correct decisions based on the game situation. Players who are tactically adaptable and can take on different roles and responsibilities as the game progresses.

The club believes in playing ‘good’ football. We want our teams to pass the ball along the floor and play out from the back. We do also expect our teams to be flexible, however. The reality of grassroots football is that pitches do not always enable us to play this style of football, but it is our preferred option.

The club also considers winning to be a bonus rather than a necessity. The primary aim in matches is to see individual improvements and the transfer of learning from the training environment into competitive games.

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